Solar Panels Facts Video – Appalachian States’ 2011 Solar Decathlon Presentation

Solar Panels Facts Video – Appalachian States’ 2011 Solar Decathlon Vision


There is a national event that occurs at the end of September on Washington D.C., which is called the Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

This is a short video that will show you one of the different eco-friendly solutions for the homeowner that are being presented in the 2011 event.

This will show you what can be done and how independence from energy suppliers can be achieved, maintaining modern life’s comfort.




I hope you enjoyed this, and that it helped you have a vision of what can be achieved today.

If you don’t have the wish or the means for one of these complete green energy home solutions, remember that you can always start to become independent from your local energy suppliers and obtaining green energy by building your own solar panels.

You can visit this link to get one of the best resources available where you can learn how to do it quickly and inexpensively:

Click here to learn how to save $100s per month on your electric bill by making your own solar panels!

Solar Panels Facts Video – Appalachian States’ 2011 Solar Decathlon Vision

Solar Panels Facts Video – President Obama promotes clean energy

As you may know, there is a growing need for energy in order to sustain and improve our way of life.
But the energy that the country has been consuming has come mostly from fossil fuels, which are a limited source that is being reduced each day.

On January 2011, President Obama shared the following message, where he mentions what the future of America’s energy sources should head to.

Listen carefully

Solar Panels Facts Video – President Obama promotes clean energy

The need for energy continues to grow, and since right now in all the world we are so dependent on non renewable sources of energy we must prepare ourselves to be free from this dependency.

Solar Power is an almost endless source of energy that we can harness now, and with prices being reduced and the government incentives still available now is the time to seize this technology and put it to good use.

Help the environment and get behind clean energy.

Your planet and yourself deserve it.

Ideas for Going Green – Wonderworld Eco – Friendly Rainbow Sound Blocks

Ideas for Going Green - Wonderworld Eco - Friendly Rainbow Sound Blocks

The possibilities are endless with the Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks. Babies will learn sorting, matching and association skills.

Looking through the blocks, children will see the world in different colors.

The Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks are comprised of wood and transparent multi-colored plastic, and are filled with rattling beads that produce different tones when shaken.

Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks are the ideal toy for children who enjoy stacking and constructing objects. Your little one will love discovering the new and exciting sounds produced by this toy.

Sale Price:$37.95

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Ideas for Going Green – Do’s and Don’ts of Green Living

Ideas for Going Green – Do’s and Don’ts of Green Living

In this clip learns some of the most realistic ways to go green, as well as some surprising tips for the eco-minded.

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Ideas To Go Green – Cleaning Green

Ideas To Go Green – Cleaning Green

Toxicity. Do we really know what this means? Can you even say it ten times really fast? What ever it is we know it has become a way of life.

It is a fact that we are exposed daily to an incredible array of toxins in our normal lives. They are toxins and each one has a certain degree of toxicity to it. Toxicity can be determined in a variety of ways.

With an interest in a sparkling house you need to know a little bit about it to protect yourself, your family and anyone else whose house you clean.

The next question then becomes how can you respond and what can you do?

Well, you can do a lot as a dedicated house cleaner. First, limit your exposure. Read labels carefully. Use nontoxic cleaning products. Avoid using indoor pesticides.

Ideas To Go Green - Cleaning GreenSecondly, limit the exposure of the people around you. Happily for you and your house there are plenty of effective, earth-safe cleaners that you can buy or make. Borax mixed with lemon juice will take out toilet-bowl stains. White vinegar is useful for disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens. Bon Ami, a borax-based powder cleanser sold in supermarkets and hardware stores for more than 50 years, safely cleans pots, pans, sinks, oven interiors along with other corroded surfaces.

Using these alternatives will reduce the toxic load in your house and beyond. Using environmentally friendly cleaners will also safeguard your health and that of the community. It reduces air, water and ground pollution in the big picture.


Ideas To Go Green – Cleaning Green – Why isn’t everyone doing it?

So why isn’t everyone doing it? The reality is, few people actually check labels. Start now. Take time to read the label. Distinguish yourself as a green cleaner. You can start a trend. You can actually become a product toxicity home specialist.

The first thing to know is that not all green products are created equal. Again, read. Catch the ones that have been prettied up with essential oils. Check labels for irritating chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia and artificial fragrances and dyes.

Many people who think green are just now applying their philosophy to the dirt at hand. Eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products are the next frontier of environmentalism, says Marci Zaroff, former publisher of Macrocosm and CEO of Under the Canopy, an organic-fabric clothing company. It’s an inexpensive, easy and effective way to protect our planet and commitment to life.


Like this there are many ideas to go green that will do a great favor to earth and that do not mean to spend lots and lots of money, so start thinking about how you can start being a part of the solution … today!

Ideas To Go Green – The Bodily Rundown on Eco-Friendly Skin Care

Ideas To Go Green – The Bodily Rundown on Eco-Friendly Skin Care

Cracked, sore heels, dried out hands, brittle, split nails, tight, dry facial skin and smelly feet.  Sound familiar? A week or so working in the garden and there you have it, all these skin care problems on one sorry body.  So how do you fix it all without taking out a small mortgage and remaining eco-friendly? Never fear there are ways to get that skin and body back in top condition and there’s no better place to start than from the top!


Synthetic face creams can coat the skin trapping the moisture beneath and this can cause irritation because the skin cannot breathe normally.

Creams based on plant oils and Shea butter benefit the skin by nourishing it with vitamins and minerals, thus building up strong, healthy skin cells that will surface over a few weeks.

Ideas To Go Green - Eco-Friendly Skin CareVitamins E, A and C have been shown to prevent premature aging and wrinkles and can repair minor skin problems like an uneven skin tone. The nourishing oils of rose hip and evening primrose can rejuvenate the skin, while ingredients such as spirulina stimulate tissue regeneration and cucumber can help clear blemishes.


Cracked,  sore heels and smelly feet can be a constant problem in many households with people of all ages, but a little natural care taken weekly can help heal and prevent further complications.  Soaking the feet in a bucket of warm water to which is added a cup of bi-carbonate of soda will soften and deodorize the feet. After fifteen minutes gently use a foot scrub to remove the dry skin and then dry thoroughly. Apply a little natural foot cream that contains anti-bacterial essential oils and then cover with socks to let the cream penetrate deeply into the skin. This easy routine will prevent fungal infections and keep your feet smelling fresh and clean.


Natural hand and nail creams containing ingredients such as Shea butter, avocado, macadamia, apricot and almond oils, vitamins and aloe vera will not only moisturize the hands but also strengthen the nails, fade age spots and smooth the skin. Hand scrubs can speed up cell regeneration on the hands and should be used weekly to remove dry, flaky skin and dead cells.

An easy hand scrub to make at home is with sugar and olive oil. Just mix together to a pleasant consistency and gently massage the mixture on the hands for a few minutes. Rinse and apply a good natural hand cream.

Ideas To Go Green – The Bodily Rundown on Eco-Friendly Skin Care – Conclusion

Getting into the eco-friendly mode of natural skin care will keep you looking good and you will also be doing your body a great chemical free favor!


There are many more ideas to go green that you can find in this site, so enjoy and seize them!

Ideas to Go Green – Live Green Live Free

An example how by designing green from the ground up you can eliminate or greatly reduce your monthly expenses. This was originally a submission to a eco contest that didn’t make the selection

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GoingGreen – Investing in Green & Eco-Friendly Stocks

GoingGreen - Money - Green StocksGoingGreen – Investing in Green & Eco-Friendly Stocks

The socially conscious investor will find a wide range of Eco-friendly Stocks and Mutual Funds to choose from, both small and large. Due to the influence of world-wide concern over global pollution and carbon dioxide, the investor will find many large corporations are snapping up green companies to add to their list of products.

A recent acquisition by Royal Philips Electronics (headquartered in the Netherlands) of Color Kinetics, trading on the NASDAQ as CLRK is a great example. Color Kinetics was a ten-year-old company that produced environmentally friendly lighting through its enhancement of the LED (light-emitting-diode) technology to create a new type of illumination.

Color Kinetics utilized digitalized technology to create a new source of controllable illumination. The merger between the giant Philips and Color Kinetics will enhance its Philips Lighting Solutions market in the LED technology. Color Kinetic has existing installations world wide and a huge customer list, with relationships in China and the UK. Philips, in turn will, provide its 60-country-presence to the Eco-friendly technology of Color Kinetics. Investors should not rule large conglomerates in their search for Eco-friendly stock.

Ideas To Go Green – Small Cap Companies

For investors that enjoy investing directly in small cap companies there are numerous opportunities for investors in AMEX. These stocks are very reasonable in price and may provide future gains as going green becomes an integral part of business and not just a slogan. I have watched some Eco-friendly companies grow over the past several years and the following is a highlight of some interesting stocks.

Environmental Power Corp. trades under the ticker EPG on the AMEX exchange. This stock currently sells in the 5 range. The company and its subsidiaries engage in the ownership, development and operation of renewable energy facilities in the United States. EPG owns 83 leasehold of land. It has plants that utilize animal and food industry waste to produce bio-mass and other forms of alternative fuel that utilize their renewable energy biogas. A good reason to give this company a good look is that it filed a notice with the SEC that it has a firm commitment from an underwriter to make and offering of over four million shares of his stock. If the offering goes forward the company could realize a gain in the price as well as an infusion of over 22 million dollars.

There is another stock that has great promise in the fuel cell area. This area has room to grow. I particularly like Fuel Cell Energy. It trades under the stock ticker FCEL. The company has a market cap of approximately 650 million. The company is in the development, manufacturing and sale of fuel cells power plants for use in electrical power plants. Its pipeline products are geared for use in health care facilities, hotels, hospitals, universities, governmental offices and water treatment centers. The company is located in Connecticut with office in Korea, Japan, Canada and Europe. This 9 stock has no where to go but up in the long term. Another reason to think twice about this company is the major holders of stock in the company. Wells Fargo Bank, Barclays, Deutsche Bank and other prominent funds are invested in FCEL.

A stock that is a good value, but lacks appreciation is Calgon Carbon Corp. in Pennsylvania. The company trades under the ticker CCC. The company is in the business of providing means to clean the air and water.

The company has been around for a good period of time and it appears that 2007 may be its year to take a solid place in Eco-friendly Stocks. It currently sells in the 13 range and deserves a good review.

There are numerous ways to get into the green, Eco-friendly stocks. There are mutual funds and indexes available. In addition there are segments in wind, health foods and solar energy that have opportunities for investment.

There are many ideas to go green like the ones presented here, where as a bonus as implementing the ideas for going green you can also earn money while you help the planet! Look for professional advice and then you can find many more options for investing in eco-friendly stocks.

Ideas for Going Green Video – The Energy Comes From Within: A Green Living Story By Lennar

Ideas for Going Green Video - Green Living Tips

Lennar is proud to present a new video storybook that includes everything to help kids and families start living a greener life.

Follow the adventures of a smart little lightning bug named Joules, as he and his friends come up with a plan to help save their green earth, by changing some of the things they do at home every day.

But first, they have to motivate the rest of their community to join in and do their part for the environment.

How will Joules and the other lightning bugs do it? What green living tips can we all learn from Joules, and start including in our own homes?

We have the power inside us all, because as Joules says, “the energy comes from within!” We hope you enjoy this informative and inspirational story by Lennar.

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GoingGreen – Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth (4-pack: Mixed Color w/Flower)

GoingGreen - Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth

GoingGreen – Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth (4-pack: Mixed Color w/Flower)

The skoy cloth is a fabulous, absorbent, biodegradable and natural multi-use cloth.

This re-usable earth friendly cloth is perfect in your kitchen, bathroom, and office and can be used on most surface areas.

Cloth can be used in place of your sponge, wash cloth or paper towels.  It’s made from a natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp and is 100-percent biodegradable. After an independent composting test, skoy cloth broke down completely within 5 weeks.

The skoy cloth is a durable product due to the reusability factor and can last months.  Using a skoy cloth is equivalent to using 15 rolls of paper towels in an average home.  With the high cost of paper towels, as much as 2 per roll, skoy cloth is the obvious choice for your wallet and the environment.

The skoy cloth has an absorption factor of 15x its own weight. Imagine using 15 sheets of good-quality paper towels at once this is how a wet skoy cloth will feel in your hand.

Cloth dries quickly, so it is not a breeding ground for bacteria. Occasionally place cloth in microwave to kill germs. It is also dishwasher and washer and dryer safe. 7 by 8-inch.

Set of four in assorted colors.

Sale Price:$4.09

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