Sevi Instrument Eco-Friendly Toy Set 8 Piece

Start up your very own five piece percussion band with this great set by Sevi.

Made from sturdy materials that stand up to vigorous toddler jam sessions, the set includes: drum, maracas, jingle stick, castonets, and triangle.

All the instruments in the set are also slightly undersized, making them perfect suited for young ones to use.

Made of wood and painted with completely non-toxic, food-grade paints and finishes.

Designed by the venerable Italian company, Sevi and made in China under the company’s direct supervision.

Sevi, based in Tarcento, Italy near the Prealpi Giulie Mountains, has been crafting luxury children’s toys since 1831. Steeped in tradition, Sevi artists mix innovation with research and innovative design to offer quality baby, toddler and children’s products for the world’s most demanding and discerning parents. Sevi is ISO 9001 certified.

Sale Price:$26.99

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